Saturday, April 14, 2012

iDM5 Tablet Dock Station

ihome-ipadWhether you intend to flip through your favorite pages, surf the web seamlessly or watch interesting videos, the innovative iPad lets you do just about everything. But if you want a physical keyboard experience strung along, disappointments are what pour in. Probably with an intention to provide you with an external keyboard as well, iHome recently strengthened its rich portfolio of accessories with the latest iDM5 tablet dock. 


Devised aesthetically, the exquisite yet sturdy device not only wraps up your experience by rendering an easy-to-use external keyboard, but also by providing some external speakers. At the same time, if you were hanging onto a speakerphone too, then iDM5 takes care of that as well.

Touted to be ideal amalgamation of three interesting functions, the new tablet dock by iHome also comes equipped with USB ports, which you can exploit for charging your external devices. Some of you may even appreciate the sleek model’s built-in mic that lets one record voice.

However, those who do not have an iPad need not arch their shoulders as Bluetooth capability has been integrated too. So if you have any mobile device that lends support to Bluetooth, you can conveniently use the feature-rich iHome iDM5. Users will even get an audio input in order to connect their device featuring a headphone jack with the dock’s powerful speakers. So whether you want to listen to music with incredible clarity, want to type in long documents or e-mails with utmost ease, or simply make voice calls, the dock enables all of these and probably a lot more than that.

Having recently hit the FCC, the new iHome iDM5 tablet dock certainly looks promising for all those who seek a great-looking combination of speakers, keyboard and speakerphone. The impressive device is anticipated to sell for about $199 and can be picked up from iHome’s official website.

icreati: Hi-Tech News.