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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mac Flashback Trojan Removal Tool

Apple MacintoshApple has now released a tool that removes the Flashback Trojan from infected Mac computers, according to a security update posted to on Thursday. The malicious software, which some have casually referred to as the “Mac virus,” (even though, yes, we know, a Trojan is not a virus), had previously infected some 650,000 Mac laptops, making it one of the largest infections the Mac install base has ever seen.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kaspersky's offers Mack a Removal Tool

Apple computers have recently been hit by the Mac Flashback trojan, the first attack on Macs that does not require any social engineering or phishing schemes. Kaspersky confirmed that the Flashback, or what it calls the Flashfake, botnet has infected 670,000 computers worldwide and the security firm is now releasing a free detection and removal tool.

New MacBook Pro 2012 Are Soon To Be Released

MacBook Pro 2012
The long-rumoured Apple MacBook Pro 2012 refresh could hit us soon, as multiple Apple resellers are reporting stock shortages of the current generation MacBook Pro range, according to AppleInsider.
This is normally a solid sign that a refresh is on the way, and with rumours pointing to a slim MacBook Air-like form factor, a 2880x1800 retina display and Intel Ivy Bridge brains, you might wish to hold back any new notebook acquisitions ahead of any imminent announcements.

OS XI concept merges best of iOS and OS X

Here is a concept that Apple fans might just drool over – the OS XI concept that will bring together OS X and iOS elements. Of course, one can always see the ‘I’ bit as part of iOS, or they can see it as part of ‘XI’, which is a naturally progression of the next name under the OS X line. It really depends on the kind of glasses you are wearing, but that is not important at all.