Monday, April 16, 2012

SOS: TigerBot - new malware for Android.

TigerBotNQ Mobile Security Research Center took part in discovering a new kind of Android malware. This malware has been named TigerBot, and it works by sending commands to devices using SMS. Obtaining this malware is done by downloading apps from untrustworthy sources either from third-party app stores or standalone APK files.
 TigerBot hides itself by not placing an icon in the app drawer or the homescreen after it’s installed. It can be found by looking at the application’s list on a device, but it attempts to draw attention away from itself by using official icons from Google and Adobe. The file name TigerBot uses is either “Flash” or “System.”


The creators of the malware take control of devices by sending SMS messages. These messages aren’t seen by the user, but they will activate some pretty invasive tasks such as:

  • Record the sounds in the phone, including the phone calls, the surrounding sounds and etc.
  • Change the network setting.
  • Upload the current GPS location.
  • Capture and upload the image.
  • Send SMS to a particular number.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Kill other running processes.

Just to be safe, it’s a good idea to install some kind of Android security app from Google Play. A lot of them are free and will keep your device from getting infected.

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