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Friday, April 13, 2012

Most Secure Mobile OS: BlackBerry 7

You don’t often read the words RIM and “good news” in the same sentence any more, unless there’s a “no” or a “not” in between somewhere, but the gang in Waterloo can justify some high-fives following Trend Micro’s latest report on mobile operating system security. According to Trend, BlackBerry 7 is the most secure of the big four OSes.

Mac Flashback Trojan Removal Tool

Apple MacintoshApple has now released a tool that removes the Flashback Trojan from infected Mac computers, according to a security update posted to on Thursday. The malicious software, which some have casually referred to as the “Mac virus,” (even though, yes, we know, a Trojan is not a virus), had previously infected some 650,000 Mac laptops, making it one of the largest infections the Mac install base has ever seen.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

LogMeIn's Presents Cubby: Cloud Sharing Service

Ready for yet another option in world of cloud storage services? LogMeIn today announced it's ready to get in on the remote storage action with its own offering, built atop its Gravity Data Service, dubbed Cubby. Currently in beta, Cubby allots you 5GB of storage in the cloud, while allowing you to turn your Mac, PC and any folders into "virtual cubbies." 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mozilla 11 Inspects Webpages in 3D: Cool. (Video)

Developers have made some impressive demonstration pieces using WebGL, the browser technology that gives web apps better access to computer graphics hardware, but most of them are more “cool toy” than “practical tool.” Buried in Firefox 11, however, is a slick feature that puts the JavaScript API to good use—a 3D visualizer for web pages.