Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GTA V release date tipped for October by developer

The long awaited GTA V release date has leaked as October after a developer on the latest Grand Theft Auto title posted his CV on LinkdIn 
Following the game’s official unveiling late last year, new reports have suggested the eagerly awaited GTA V release will land in October in order to capitalise on the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Currently awaiting first word of an official UK release date, a newly leaked developer CV has suggested that Rockstar will out its latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise later this year with the title to follow on from the hugely successful San Andreas and Vice City releases.

Hitting both Google Documents and LinkedIn the CV of Rockstar North character animator Alex O’Dwyer has claimed that GTA V will hit stores in October counteracting a number of reports suggesting the title would not launch until 2013.

Although currently unconfirmed, the claimed release date was hastily removed from the online forums suggesting O’Dwyer’s claims could be too close for comfort for Rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto 5 rumours

Probably the biggest GTA 5 rumour at the moment is that the game’s lead character will be played by actor Ned Luke after the game appeared on his IMDB profile (it has since been removed).

It’s believed that he will be playing the lead character of the game whose name is rumoured to be Albert De Silva.

There had been reports that the character was Ray Liotta reprising his role as an older Tommy Vercetti, however fansites such as gtav.net have agreed in their prediction of Luke as the actor involved.

CVG believes that we’ll also see the return of CJ, the main protagonist from GTA: San Andreas.

Of course while there is a likeness between CJ and the character in the trailer it’s far from solid proof so we’ll have to wait for E3 until we know for sure.

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