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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Apple vs Samsung. Cort Within 90 days.

samsung-vs-AppleAccording to a report from Foss Patents (and confirmed by Reuters), Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Samsung Chief Executive Officer Gee-Sung Choi will meet within the next 90 days for settlement talks over ongoing patent disputes. Judge Lucy Koh, who is presiding over the two cases in California, initiated the meeting after ordering the companies to submit their CEOs and legal counsels to an Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Apple II's Birthday.

Apple-IIThe Apple II personal computer is 35 years old today, a bit of news that I’m sure is either making you feel wildly old or gives you an odd rush of steampunk retro-nostalgia. The computer, launched on April 16 and 17th at the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire, went on to become the definitive machine for primary and high schools everywhere and whose wonky screen and clacky keys brought millions of kids and adults into the information age.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mac-Mirror...Air - Whatever....

There are so many ways I could go about describing this. For instance, I could say things like “MirrorBook Air: Where vanity meets technology.” Or perhaps I could go with “Nothing says ‘I’m a douche’ more than pulling a pocket mirror out of the back pocket of your bootcut True Religion Jeans…no wait, pulling a pocket mirror that looks like a MacBook is way worse,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs. Hits Theaters in Q4.

Ashton-Kutcher-Steve-JobsWith the passing of Steve Jobs, there are two movies in the works about his life. Sony is working on the big-budget production based on the autobiography of Jobs published very shortly after his death. The second film is an independent project with Ashton Kutcher playing Jobs. What we didn’t know when the picture was first announced was when it would be released and what specific timeframe the movie would be looking at.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apple Retina iPad advertisements finally cover the United States

new-ipad-bus-stationYou might not have noticed it if your Apple sensor is as normalized as your love for great advertising, but billboards, bus stations, and print ads across the United States have finally switched from iPad 2 to the new iPad for 2012. Have a peek back at our report on when the states were still sticking with iPad 2advertisements to see the oddity the vast majority of the USA didn’t find necessary to notice, then take a peek at a few of the new ads up this week. They’ve been up for a couple weeks, actually, everywhere from Minneapolis all the way down to San Francisco!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mac Flashback Trojan Removal Tool

Apple MacintoshApple has now released a tool that removes the Flashback Trojan from infected Mac computers, according to a security update posted to on Thursday. The malicious software, which some have casually referred to as the “Mac virus,” (even though, yes, we know, a Trojan is not a virus), had previously infected some 650,000 Mac laptops, making it one of the largest infections the Mac install base has ever seen.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Luxury Gold 24k iPad

ipad gold & co,
Gold is expected to top $2000 an ounce by 2013, so for the wealthy, spending $5499 on Gold & Co. London's luxurious new iPad (64GB w/4G + Wi-Fi) creation may seem like a bargain. Each one of these comes in a wooden box and are individually serial numbered -- limited to just 250 per region. Continue reading for a rare look inside a Foxconn factory showing how an iPad is made.

Apple’s new Apple TV A5 chip is 41% smaller than previous A5

It has been newly revealed that the Apple A5 chip that appears in the newest version of the Apple TV set-top streaming box is actually based on a dual-core architecture. Not only that, it is also 41% smaller than the A5 chip found in other Apple devices. These are factors that would significantly lower Apple’s manufacturing cost, an important factor in the new Apple TV.
After all, the box only costs $99, so Apple is obviously pulling a lot of tricks to keep the cost to a minimum.

Kaspersky's offers Mack a Removal Tool

Apple computers have recently been hit by the Mac Flashback trojan, the first attack on Macs that does not require any social engineering or phishing schemes. Kaspersky confirmed that the Flashback, or what it calls the Flashfake, botnet has infected 670,000 computers worldwide and the security firm is now releasing a free detection and removal tool.

Apple vs US Government

The late Steve Jobs conspired with the bosses of the world's biggest publishers to fix the price of electronic books, it was dramatically alleged in the US today.
The US government launched legal action Apple and five book publishers for a scheme that it said jacked up the cost of e-books not just on Apple's iPad devices but across the industry and across the world.

New MacBook Pro 2012 Are Soon To Be Released

MacBook Pro 2012
The long-rumoured Apple MacBook Pro 2012 refresh could hit us soon, as multiple Apple resellers are reporting stock shortages of the current generation MacBook Pro range, according to AppleInsider.
This is normally a solid sign that a refresh is on the way, and with rumours pointing to a slim MacBook Air-like form factor, a 2880x1800 retina display and Intel Ivy Bridge brains, you might wish to hold back any new notebook acquisitions ahead of any imminent announcements.

OS XI concept merges best of iOS and OS X

Here is a concept that Apple fans might just drool over – the OS XI concept that will bring together OS X and iOS elements. Of course, one can always see the ‘I’ bit as part of iOS, or they can see it as part of ‘XI’, which is a naturally progression of the next name under the OS X line. It really depends on the kind of glasses you are wearing, but that is not important at all.

Facebook's Instagram No1 in AppStore

Facebook's Instagram buyout has propelled the photo-sharing app to the top spot on the App Store for the first time in the company's two-year history.

It's amazing what the little manner of a billion dollar buyout can do to raise your profile. Just 24 hours after Facebook moved to acquire the Instagram photo-sharing service, it ascended to the top of the App Store charts.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apple publishes support page for Flashback malware, is working on a fix

About Flashback malware: 

Products Affected

Java, Mac OS X 10.6, OS X Lion

A recent version of malicious software called Flashback exploits a security flaw in Java in order to install itself on Macs.Apple released a Java update on April 3, 2012 that fixes the Java security flaw for systems running OS X v10.7 and Mac OS X v10.6. 

Mr Cook was given $376.2m (£237m)

The huge bonus handed to Tim Cook when he took over at the helm of Apple not only made him the best-paid boss of a US public company last year, it meant he earned more than the nine next most generously remunerated chief executives combined.
Mr Cook was given $376.2m (£237m) in Apple shares last August as what the iPhone-maker called a "promotion and retention award".
A preliminary analysis of pay data from regulatory filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that the top 100 chief executives were paid $2.1bn in total last year, up 2 per cent on 2010.