Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mac-Mirror...Air - Whatever....

There are so many ways I could go about describing this. For instance, I could say things like “MirrorBook Air: Where vanity meets technology.” Or perhaps I could go with “Nothing says ‘I’m a douche’ more than pulling a pocket mirror out of the back pocket of your bootcut True Religion Jeans…no wait, pulling a pocket mirror that looks like a MacBook is way worse, but also sort of expresses your inner geekdom, which I guess sort of rounds off the fact that you’re wearing an Affliction t-shirt and get your eyebrows waxed.” The latter isn’t particularly eloquent, but let’s be honest here people, it’s a little mirror that looks like a MacBook Air, and there’s almost no way you didn’t at least just think a laugh. Anyway, if you’re a lady or a particularly vain man who also loves Apple than you’ve found your new mirror, pal. You can buy this here for $26, which is only like $974 less than a real one.

icreati: Hi-Tech News.