Thursday, April 12, 2012

LogMeIn's Presents Cubby: Cloud Sharing Service

Ready for yet another option in world of cloud storage services? LogMeIn today announced it's ready to get in on the remote storage action with its own offering, built atop its Gravity Data Service, dubbed Cubby. Currently in beta, Cubby allots you 5GB of storage in the cloud, while allowing you to turn your Mac, PC and any folders into "virtual cubbies." 

You'll be able to sync selected data between your choice of devices and even share access (read-only if needed) to specific cubbies for collaborative efforts -- and although the service is free, there's no limit on how much data you can move between your machines. Better yet, iDevices and Androids are also supported via LogMeIn's free Cubby apps. 

If you've been looking for another option aside from the likes of Pogoplug and Dropbox, you can request an invite to the service by hitting up the source link below. If you'd like more details in the meantime, check out the press release after the break. 

icreati: Hi-Tech News.