Friday, April 13, 2012

Most Secure Mobile OS: BlackBerry 7

You don’t often read the words RIM and “good news” in the same sentence any more, unless there’s a “no” or a “not” in between somewhere, but the gang in Waterloo can justify some high-fives following Trend Micro’s latest report on mobile operating system security. According to Trend, BlackBerry 7 is the most secure of the big four OSes.
Trend looked at a number of security-related features, including authentication, application security, data protection, and manageability. In the corporate world, these remain critical factors in selecting mobile devices for users — particularly in an era where data breaches have become increasingly common.

RIM came out on top by scoring big points for BlackBerry’s “corporate-grade security and manageability.” By providing all the necessary tools an features to let demanding administrators roll out the most secure phones possible, BlackBerry OS 7 was declared the clear choice for “stringent mobile roles.”

iOS lost points because third-party tools are required to fully secure and manage iPhones. Trend dinged Android for lax software ecosystem controls and the lingering problem of OS update delays, and it ultimately ranked fourth on the list. Windows Phone placed third, though its relative nascence and the lack of a proven track record in enterprise settings was underscored in the report.

While RIM has been busy encouraging the public to “Be Bold” and to choose tools over toys when selecting a smartphone, it’s interesting that security remains the one key advantage they can still brandish before their competitors like He-Man’s Power Sword. However, wfter all the bad news investors have suffered through over the past two years they’re probably afraid that RIM will cut themselves if they do any blade-waggling right now.

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