Friday, April 13, 2012

Waterproof Tablet From Taxan: Meopad AQUA

Here you are a new Android Tablet, the Meopad AQUA from TAXAN in Japan. Unlike your average Android Tablet, the Meopad AQUA has been tailored to fit a rather unique purpose: A Multimedia Bathroom tablet!
Indeed, beside the usual functionalities found in most Android 2.3 tablet including a 5Mpix rear camera and a 1.3Mpix front facing one, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth…

The Meopad AQUA comes with a unique IP54 Waterproof body a 1Seg TV tuner as well as being MobacomHQ Video compatible (DRM Video sold on Memory Card).

Made to enjoy videos anywhere anytime, the Meopad AQUA comes with a nice 7” 1024×600 screen and a HDMI mini output. Other specs includes a 1GHZ CPU, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, with a battery capacity announced for up to 6h of battery life for a total of just 580g

Finally, the Meopad AQUA is set to hit Japanese store by the end of this month and if you can’t wait for this tablet to reach your shores make sure to visit that will most probably carry this tablet very soon!

icreati: Hi-Tech News