Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Google Drive is about to Launch Next Week.

Google-DriveThe rumors of Google launching a Dropbox cloud storage rival started reappearing a few weeks ago, but this time it looks as though the Google Drive service really does exist and is about to launch.

A draft press release sent to TNW reveals that we should expect Google Drive to launch at some point next week. In terms of storage, anyone signing up gets the expected 5GB of free space, that’s 3GB more than Dropbox’s standard free account offers. If you need more storage, then it will be available for a price.

TechCrunch has backed up the imminent launch claims by managing to install Google Drive, meaning it has desktop integration just like Dropbox. It doesn’t work yet as Google hasn’t flipped the switch to enable the supporting servers, but we should expect Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS compatibility from day one. I’d be surprised not to see Linux support, too.


As with all new Google services, Google Drive is going to be very popular. With that in mind, and based on how Google has introduced services in the past, even if Google Drive does roll out next week we shouldn’t all expect to get it. It’s much more likely this will be a staggered launch, with the service being enabled for small groups of users and probably limited to the U.S. to begin with. Eventually, everyone will be able to sign up, but that could take a few months to happen.


With Google Drive now all but confirmed, will you want to use it? Google already handles a large amount of data for people through Gmail and Google Docs, but the company doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to customer service. If your account gets suspended for some reason, it’s unlikely you will be able to speak to an actual real, live person about it. Will that also be the case for a Google Drive account linked to your other Google account?

icreati: Hi-Tech News.