Monday, April 9, 2012

Samsung’s Flexible AMOLED Technology To Be Called YOUM

Samsung Felxible DisplaySamsung has already shown us its flexible AMOLED technology which the company intends to put into mass production some time this year, and now the company has decided to call the technology YOUM. 
Samsung has filed a trademark for the name YOUM for their flexible display technology, although they haven’t explained what the YOUM stands for, and they have also filed
trademarks for a couple of other names which include WAMOLED, FAMOLED, PAMOLED and TAMOLED.

Samsung’s flexible AMOLED technology or YOUM as it is now called doesn’t use any glass, instead it is made up of display cells which are house in two pieces of TFT film, and Samsung describes the technology as ‘unbreakable’.

It will be interesting to see what the first devices to use the YOUM or flexible AMOLED technology are like, and we can expect the display to be used in future smartphones and possibly tablets.


possibly tablets.