Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hasselblad camera’s are known for their high end parts, attention to detail in terms of craftsmanship and most importantly their ridiculously high price tags. The H4D-40, which boasts a 40-meagpixel sensor costs a whopping $18,000. A pretty big pill, or should we say debt to swallow. But odds are, if you’re buying this camera you don’t have credit issues or a problem scheduling a shoot with some of the most popular of swimsuit models.

If that’s the case, scopping up the Ferrari version of the HD-D40 shouldn’t be a problem. It’s costs a mere $29,499. Why the extra $10,000? The Ferrari H4D-40 will see a limited production run of just 499 pieces, comes in a special Ferrari ”Rosso Fuoco” finish and badges, and includes an HC 80mm f/2.8 lens. They’re also tossing in a hand made case that has been specially engineered to hold the Ferrari H4D-40 with the lens and accessories housed in a separate lower level, and lined with high end materials.

If you’re willing to take out a second mortgage on your home you can pick it up from B&H Photo today, though there is a 7-14 day shipping time.

icreati: Hi-Tech News.