Monday, April 16, 2012

And Laptop And Tablet: is it a Hybrid ? Windows-8 Based.

Chip maker behemoth Intel has shown off prototype of an inventive Windows 8-based hybrid Ultrabook at IDF Beijing. The hybrid Ultrabook dubbed the Letexo, is a device that superbly combines tablet’s features and laptop’s flexibility. Thanks to its sliding full QWERTY keyboard, the Letexo simply transforms to a tablet, which may be bigger and thicker than its mainstream counterparts. 

The design of Intel Letexo is no more a surprise. It almost resembles the form factor of Asus Eee Pad Slider. However, the Letexo will get more attention than the Eee Pad Slider in stores because Asus also sells popular Transformer Prime, an Android tablet that can turn to a notebook with the help of a special keypad dock. And moreover, the Letexo runs on Windows 8 the upcoming version of Microsoft Windows OS. Business customers will love Windows 8 over Android simply because it supports more enterprise friendly apps.

Compared to Eee Pad Slider the Letexo is more modern, indeed. It is a veritable laptop, not a tablet in disguise. It just turns to a Windows 8 tablet once its keyboard is slid inside and it keeps up an unaltered Ultrabook format, when the Eee Pad Slider has only a tiny keyboard. However, the Letexo has an inventive screen hinge mechanism, which makes the transformation between a tablet and Ultrabook far smoother.

Intel hasn’t exposed anything on the specs of the Letexo, which is just in prototype mode. Anyway, it is almost guessable that the machine will get its third generation Ivy Bridge chips. Advanced Thunderbolt ports, high resolution display, brilliant graphical performance and other enhanced features will add muscle to the new hybrid Ultrabook from Intel.

icreati: Hi-Tech News.