Monday, April 16, 2012

SOS: TigerBot - new malware for Android.

TigerBotNQ Mobile Security Research Center took part in discovering a new kind of Android malware. This malware has been named TigerBot, and it works by sending commands to devices using SMS. Obtaining this malware is done by downloading apps from untrustworthy sources either from third-party app stores or standalone APK files.
 TigerBot hides itself by not placing an icon in the app drawer or the homescreen after it’s installed.

GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature Graphics Card by EVGA

Evga-GeForce-GTX-680-SC-SignatureEVGA is offering you their newest graphics card, the GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature. Based on the NVIDIA’s reference design, the card sports 1536 CUDA Cores, a 256-bit memory interface, a GPU clock of 1084MHz (1150MHz Boost Clock) and a 2GB of GDDR5 memory set @ 6208MHz, and features two DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. The GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature retails for $529.99. 

Internet Freedom is under threat by Facebook, China, Iran.


Google co-founder Sergey Brin has warned of “very powerful forces” looking to undermine the openness of the internet, echoing Eric Schmidt’s concerns and admitting he is “more worried” than ever before. There are “very powerful forces that have lined up against the open internet on all sides and around the world” Brin told the Guardian, describing the situation as “scary.” He didn’t hold back on dishing out blame, either, citing Facebook and Apple as building walled gardens that do users – and rivals – a disservice.

Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs. Hits Theaters in Q4.

Ashton-Kutcher-Steve-JobsWith the passing of Steve Jobs, there are two movies in the works about his life. Sony is working on the big-budget production based on the autobiography of Jobs published very shortly after his death. The second film is an independent project with Ashton Kutcher playing Jobs. What we didn’t know when the picture was first announced was when it would be released and what specific timeframe the movie would be looking at.

Netflix’s Reed Hastings Chastises Comcast Over Net Neutrality And Its Shady Xfinity App

netflix-reed-hastingIn the latest battle in the war for living room domination, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings took to his public Facebook account and called out Comcast’s latest attack on Net Neutrality. As he explains Comcast’s just-launched Xbox 360 Xfinity app does not count against the provider’s ISP data caps. However, if the same exact program is viewed through Hulu, HBO Go and, yes, Netflix, it deducts the data used against the subscribers monthly allotment.

What is TweetVox ?

tweetvox-logoIf you think Twitter is annoying, just think how much worse it would be if you could hear it. Well, now you can. A new microblogging site has taken the concept of Twitter, and added sound. It's called TweetVox, though already some are calling it "Witter". It was launched in London and Paris last week, and, as with any internet craze, world domination is planned, with launches scheduled for Spain and Japan.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inhabitat's Week in Green.

solar-designEach week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green.
With the days getting longer and the spring sun creeping into the evening hours this week, we saw a host of impressive solar energy projects that put those rays to work. Kyocera revealed their plan for Japan's largest solar farm and French company Areva announced they will be building the largest solar installation in Asia

Google Must Pay 25.000$ to The Government.

Leave it to the FCC to stick it to nefarious corporate overreaching: USA Today reports the FCC just slammed Google with a $25,000 fine obstructing an investigation into collecting private information about American Wi-Fi networks. That'll stop 'em!

Apple Retina iPad advertisements finally cover the United States

new-ipad-bus-stationYou might not have noticed it if your Apple sensor is as normalized as your love for great advertising, but billboards, bus stations, and print ads across the United States have finally switched from iPad 2 to the new iPad for 2012. Have a peek back at our report on when the states were still sticking with iPad 2advertisements to see the oddity the vast majority of the USA didn’t find necessary to notice, then take a peek at a few of the new ads up this week. They’ve been up for a couple weeks, actually, everywhere from Minneapolis all the way down to San Francisco!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pebble Smart Watch 2mln$ on Kickstarter

Kickstarter-WatchThe Pebble smart watch – a clever little device that connects to your iPhone or Android device and, oddly enough, tells the time – was a twinkle in the eye of founder Eric Migicovsky just a few weeks ago. Now the product has reached $2 million in funding. And if that weren’t enough, InPulse, the company that makes the Pebble, only ever asked for $100,000 over the course of the entire project.